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The demand for more efficient buildings to control costs and the drive for buildings to become increasingly environmentally-friendly has placed the focus on building automation systems. The result is that individual systems themselves are becoming more sophisticated. And more to it, there is a growing requirement to integrate heating, cooling, lighting, alarms and, increasingly, access control systems to maximize overall efficiency. As the control of these systems becomes more closely integrated, the more critical they become. This is driving a greater need for continuous availability with no downtime. Even short periods of downtime when building automation systems are offline can lead to disruption and overall business loss much greater than the period of downtime itself.
It doesn’t matter whether you want to implement Automation system in a new building or a renovation project. Building automation can be realized in every type of project.
UpLogica has been providing its expertise to world leaders in the home & building automation market for thermal comfort, energy engineering, building safety and even the automation of connected homes Since 2015.

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