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CCTV Solutions in Al Khobar

Video surveillance systems have proven their part as an essential in security and which has significantly minimized various risks in a variety of business sectors. Today’s highly sophisticated technology joined with our knowledgeable design, planning and installation teams provide unmatched real time surveillance capabilities for companies operating in All industries.
UpLogica, the leading provider of CCTV solutions in Al Khobar distributes monitoring solutions that incorporate high-resolution CCTV cameras for enhanced image quality at low bandwidth, optimized storage, coupled with intelligent digital recording and analysis. We offer these solutions with robust communication backbone over fiber optic, LAN, wireless and other technologies based on the needs and existing infrastructure availability, along with options of remote monitoring and recording, including Cloud Solutions.
We provide indoor and outdoor security camera systems, on-site storage, and video management software brought to you by many leading brands. UpLogica Approved Security Solution Provider by MOI Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Video Surveillance Product includes :

Network CCTV Cameras

These cameras capture live footage so images can be easily accessed from anywhere on the globe using internet. The bandwidth of the video is compressed, in order to make the online feed accessible. Archived footage is stored on network video recorders (NVRs) or on secure software for later access.

Thermal imaging Cameras

Thermal cameras in the workplace

Sales of thermal imaging cameras have seen a dramatic rise worldwide as businesses look for effective means of detecting raised temperatures. Thermal cameras can identify elevated temperature, and that’s where they can add value to an organization’s overall plan for improved workplace safety.

We offer a range of solutions to suit your business needs, whether for “stop and scan” temperature readings or “walk through” solutions. All are easy-to-install and easy-to-use and can be kept up and running in minutes; installed in lobbies, hallways and other key access points to help businesses, institutions and venues provide a safer environment for staff, customers and visitors. Features and benefits Detects elevated temperature – precise temperature measurement with a fixed heat source to maximize accuracy. Fast automated screening – the system detects a face within seconds and finds the most reliable spot to measure and displays a pass/fail alert. Enables social distancing – give the same performance as a temporal thermometer, while maintaining safe social distance. Cost effective solutions – A range of prices and solutions are available to meet your particular requirements.

PTZ Security Camara

A PTZ camera contains mechanical controls that allow the operator to remotely pan, tilt, and zoom the camera.

  • Features & Benefits:Pan, Tilt and Zoom options.
  • manage movement via joystick or software system.
  • can automatically run patterns or turn to a preset position.
  • Focuses on areas of interest.
  • Auto Track movement.
  • Survey a wide area of interest and zoom in to detail

ANPR Camera

Annual Contract Maintenance for CCTV Surveillance Systems.

In present day, quality is a prime factor. Quality output from any machine relies upon on machine's repeat performance. To get repeat performance; system maintenance is a key factor. Maintenance of CCTV digicam requires special skills. Every organization may not have specialized CCTV Surveillance System maintenance team to take care of all types of cameras. CCTV camera manufacturers and distributors are the best people to support in maintaining these cameras as total technology is available with them in order to help our customers receive best of the CCTV Surveillance System.

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