Next Generation Data Centers

The data center is the main service hub...

Data Center Solution

The data center is the main service hub for you to drive innovation and have an agile business, UpLogica helps you to own an efficient and secure data center with seamless data flow across departments. UpLogica has strong experience in building robust, secure, and reliable data centers for its clients. Our avant-garde team of experts makes great efforts to win your trust and help you to optimize & transform your data center. Our special work approach enables design, architecture, and implementation of a fully-functional data center to encourage client’s business expansion strategies.

Smart Data Center physical infrastructure solutions

Our experienced professionals understand the physical infrastructure’s impact on logical design and use proven methodologies to ensure that the implementation is accomplished as efficiently as possible, therefore maximizing the return on investment. UpLogica offers a wide range of services for discovery, analysis, optimization, virtualization, consolidation, and migration of data centers that can complement client efforts and fill gaps in client skills and capacities.

Connected & Smart

Prioritize workloads and automate with Smart Data Center in-a-box solutions for multiple connected locations, technologies and applications, across India. Create a future proof Data Center that supports Cloud and Virtualization, whether it’s Greenfield, Expansion, retrofit or across the entire Data Center lifecycle.

Simplify Data Centers

UpLogica Data center infrastructure solutions with Storage, Power Backup, Cooling (PAC), Raised floors, Electrical Panels, Structured Cabling & accident protection are designed for complex evolving IT environments so that your business gets the flexibility it needs.

Optimize costs

On-premise, Cloud or a hybrid solution? Find the right mix for the most cost optimized Data Center operation. See optimization opportunities clearly with Data Center Analytics.


Policy and compliance-based Data security with Firewalls, Encryption and Intrusion prevention, for rapidly evolving threat environments. Check out our Security Solutions.

Monitor & manage

Monitor your Data Center for critical errors, downtime, performance and optimization opportunities to achieve the agility & scale your business desires. Check out our Data Center Managed Services.

Data Center Migration & Relocation

Your company’s assets are the backbone of your business. Utilizing an experienced and professional service partner is necessary, by all means, to minimize down- time and maximize space and efficiency. UpLogica has gained experience and trust in the field for many years providing secure data center relocation, consolidation, and decommissioning services. We serve many of the world’s largest corporations, whether the move is across town or across the country. We offer auditing, re-purpose or secure destruction/buy-back of your assets.

Our Solutions