Intelligent Networking Infrastructure

Business needs better network infrastructure that can be scaled up as it grows.

R&S Solution

UpLogica provides intricate IT Networking solutions to our wide base of customers to help implement a real-time wired or wireless networking. For rendering this service, we make use of progressive techniques and modern equipment as we understand a network downtime will affect productivity and business delivery.
We have a crew of knowledgeable and skilled professionals who can assess, design, and build the network according to changing market demands. Owing to the depth of our technological expertise, we are trusted to deliver to a wide number of projects on time and budget. Besides, we also offer a broad range of products which are developed at the premises of our vendors with perfection using top grade material and sophisticated techniques.

Routing, Switching and WAN Optimization
  • We provide designing, implementing and operating multi-vendor data communications networks for small and medium, large, multi-site environments, UpLogica possess the people, processes and systems necessary to deliver class support for your routing and switching infrastructure.
  • Today’s network is not simply a set of switches and routers, it is an intelligent platform that supports data, voice and video applications critical to an organization’s operations. A brilliant network provides secure and reliable connectivity between employees, customers and information. It provides the platform for campus, branch, data center and wide-area networks to address critical business and communications applications. Switches, routers, security and WAN optimization together provides that intelligent network. Updated switching and routing technology provides high-performance, packet loss protection, fast recovery with redundancy and network security and management from the wiring closet, to the core network to the data center and the WAN edge.
  • With bandwidth intensive video applications, virtual desktops and different demanding business applications, network performance and security have not been more vital. An integrated network solution will accommodate today’s network traffic and anticipate the wants of the next-generation network.
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